• "This place is sooo cool! I've never seen so many ways to get pampered under one roof! Seriously it was so convenient" -JODY L, FLAGLER PARK PLAZA, MIAMI, FL

  • "We offer you what no other salon is able to offer... the most personalized salon experience you can receive, in either a private or social setting….your choice." - Salonz Beauty Suites

  • "I'm so glad I found this awesome place. Monica did a super job on my lashes. Salonz houses multiple professionals in their own private suites. It was great to have her undivided attention!" -Faby P., Miami, FL

About Us

SALONZ BEAUTY SUITES is a unique salon concept – an elegant beauty mall – made up of over 25 independent hair, nail, skin, massage, tanning and other specialists. We offer you what no other salon is able to offer – two distinct moods under one roof: the choice between unparalleled privacy and the most personalized salon experience you can receive, or a stimulating social environment.

How? Each health and beauty professional operates from their very own, private suite, setting their own prices and hours, and making their own appointments, to ensure that you’ll always have a direct connection. Enjoy your pampering in the setting you prefer – private or social, the choice is finally yours. And the SALONZ environment allows you to satisfy all of your health and beauty needs under one roof for a totally satisfying salon and spa experience.

All of our facilities are easily accessible with ample parking, as they are located in major shopping centers throughout South Florida, allowing you convenient access to national retailers and restaurants as well.

Tell your professional… they won’t stop thanking you!

As unique as the SALONZ experience will be for you, it’s equally unique and exciting for our service providers. For an affordable fee, hair stylists, nail techs, skin care and massage pros can rent a private, fully-equipped salon suite. If your beautician, massage therapist or skincare specialist is unhappy where they work, they’ll be grateful that you turned them on to this great opportunity!