• I now have the kind of job I love to work at,
    and I love my own space.- Gavin, Legacy Place, Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

  • This opportunity has changed my life. I love coming to work knowing I'm responsible for me. - Melissa Georgianna, Who Did Your Nails?, Hollywood

  • I've been at Salonz since it opened in 2007. It's the best concept ever, period! Thanks SALONZ! - Marlia Zondervan, All About Me Salon, Palm Beach Gardens

  • I control my own prices, hours and services, and my clients have really come to enjoy the privacy. - Angela Tennell, Angela’s Hair & Skin Care, Palm Beach Gardens

  • SALONZ is a place you can make feel like home, with all the benefits of your own business. A dream come true! - Michelle Henry, Solange Hair Studio, Hollywood

  • The professional environment is upscale and I'm proud to introduce my space to my clients and new referrals. - Kelli Mirr, Licensed Massage Therapist, Hollywood

  • The turn-key concept keeps my life simple. I can do what I love and not spend energy on tedious business details. - Kelli Mirr, Licensed Massage Therapist, Hollywood

  • I can't stress enough how delighted we all are to be part of this amazing concept that has allowed us to flourish in So many ways! - Aida Castro, Faces By Aida, Pembroke Pines

  • Chase your dreams…your clients will follow. - Reason #1 for renting a suite with SALONZ

  • SALONZ empowers you to use your creative talents and keep 100% of your earnings. - Reason #2 for renting a suite with SALONZ

  • Don't let the fear factor stand in your way of controlling your destiny. - Reason #3 for renting a suite with SALONZ

  • At SALONZ you're independent...not alone. - Reason #4 for renting a suite with SALONZ

  • Salon suite rental is being celebrated as the future of the salon industry. - Reason #5 for renting a suite with SALONZ

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