• I now have the kind of job I love to work at,
    and I love my own space.- Gavin, Legacy Place, Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

  • This opportunity has changed my life. I love coming to work knowing I'm responsible for me. - Melissa Georgianna, Who Did Your Nails?, Hollywood

  • I've been at Salonz since it opened in 2007. It's the best concept ever, period! Thanks SALONZ! - Marlia Zondervan, All About Me Salon, Palm Beach Gardens

  • I control my own prices, hours and services, and my clients have really come to enjoy the privacy. - Angela Tennell, Angela’s Hair & Skin Care, Palm Beach Gardens

  • SALONZ is a place you can make feel like home, with all the benefits of your own business. A dream come true! - Michelle Henry, Solange Hair Studio, Hollywood

  • The professional environment is upscale and I'm proud to introduce my space to my clients and new referrals. - Kelli Mirr, Licensed Massage Therapist, Hollywood

  • The turn-key concept keeps my life simple. I can do what I love and not spend energy on tedious business details. - Kelli Mirr, Licensed Massage Therapist, Hollywood

  • I can't stress enough how delighted we all are to be part of this amazing concept that has allowed us to flourish in So many ways! - Aida Castro, Faces By Aida, Pembroke Pines

  • Chase your dreams…your clients will follow. - Reason #1 for renting a suite with SALONZ

  • SALONZ empowers you to use your creative talents and keep 100% of your earnings. - Reason #2 for renting a suite with SALONZ

  • Don't let the fear factor stand in your way of controlling your destiny. - Reason #3 for renting a suite with SALONZ

  • At SALONZ you're independent...not alone. - Reason #4 for renting a suite with SALONZ

  • Salon suite rental is being celebrated as the future of the salon industry. - Reason #5 for renting a suite with SALONZ

About Us

SALONZ BEAUTY SUITES is a unique salon concept – an elegant beauty mall – made up of over 25 independent hair, nail, skin, massage, tanning and other specialists. We offer experienced health and beauty professionals the opportunity to fulfill their dream of having their own salon or spa – without the typical investment or operational barriers. And for your clients we offer a built-in one-stop-shop, where they can fulfill all of their health and beauty needs under one roof.

A Concept Developed by Beauty Professionals

Most beauty and health professionals undergo a rigorous process of schooling, training, licensing and working hard, with the dream of owning a salon. Some may have the resources to open their own salon, but most are trapped, having the talent and following but not the resources or know-how to go out on their own. For these professionals there has been very little alternative – UNTIL NOW.

A Thriving Concept

The suite rental concept has existed for 30 years and is now growing rapidly, allowing thousands of pros across the country to take control of their lives. Salon suite rental is being celebrated as the future of the salon industry and SALONZ is proud to have started this trend in South Florida, becoming Florida’s first and best suite rental salon chain – home to hundreds of independent, successful professionals. Our first location opened in 2002 with 25 suites at Sheridan Plaza in Hollywood. That success led to locations in Miami, Palm Beach Gardens, Pembroke Pines and Boca Raton, and we continue to expand to offer our best of all worlds opportunity to you and your clients.

At SALONZ You’re Independent – Never Alone!

SALONZ empowers you to use your creative talents and keep 100% of your earnings. Our knowledge, integrity and commitment to your success – along with our affordable fees, beautiful design and spacious ambiance – make us your best choice for creative and financial freedom.

SALONZ is located in high-traffic shopping centers that are carefully chosen to provide easy access and ample parking, ensuring that when you choose SALONZ as your business address, you’re making the right choice for both you AND your clients.

You’re In Business FOR Yourself – Not BY Yourself

SALONZ is a community of independent professionals, and you’ll be renting your suite among other busy technicians who have their own clientele, thus creating a built-in networking and referral system that is not available in a typical salon.

And with our support, getting started is easy. Just bring your clients and tools and we’ll set you up in business, so you can begin to benefit from your talents and clients immediately. Your new business includes your private, lockable suite and everything you need to make an easy transition: furniture, equipment, utilities, state of the art security, signage, laundry room, kitchen, comfy seating areas, data connections, marketing support & more. You establish your own days and hours, set your own prices, sell products and keep all the profits, use the products you prefer – and write off your expenses.

Love The Suite Life

Whether you currently rent a chair, work on commission or own your own salon, start seeing immediate benefits and freedoms while working the same hours or less. Any of our tenants and their clients will tell you that our environment is comfortable and full of amenities. Our single suites range in size from 105 to 120 sf, and multi-operator suites range from 150 to 175 sf. The SALONZ concept reduces stress and upgrades a professional’s quality of work and life. You can now achieve financial freedom while servicing your clients in an elegant, professional environment – free of salon politics, unwanted tasks and unpleasant owners.

A Victory For Your Clients

Your clients are YOUR CLIENTS, not ours. And SALONZ understands the unique relationship between you and your client. And under that roof SALONZ offers two distinct moods – the most personalized, private salon experience possible – or a stimulating, social environment. How? You will be operating from your very own, private, fully furnished suite, setting your own prices and hours, and making your own appointments, ensuring that your clients will always having a direct connection to you – something all of your clients desire. They will no longer be frustrated by not being able to make an appointment, or by appointments that somehow never got on your book!

Our facilities are easily accessible with ample parking, located in major shopping centers, and offering your clients convenient access to other national retailers and restaurants.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and will keep your information strictly confidential. We do not share or distribute your information.