• I now have the kind of job I love to work at,
    and I love my own space.- Gavin, Legacy Place, Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

  • This opportunity has changed my life. I love coming to work knowing I'm responsible for me. - Melissa Georgianna, Who Did Your Nails?, Hollywood

  • I've been at Salonz since it opened in 2007. It's the best concept ever, period! Thanks SALONZ! - Marlia Zondervan, All About Me Salon, Palm Beach Gardens

  • I control my own prices, hours and services, and my clients have really come to enjoy the privacy. - Angela Tennell, Angela’s Hair & Skin Care, Palm Beach Gardens

  • SALONZ is a place you can make feel like home, with all the benefits of your own business. A dream come true! - Michelle Henry, Solange Hair Studio, Hollywood

  • The professional environment is upscale and I'm proud to introduce my space to my clients and new referrals. - Kelli Mirr, Licensed Massage Therapist, Hollywood

  • The turn-key concept keeps my life simple. I can do what I love and not spend energy on tedious business details. - Kelli Mirr, Licensed Massage Therapist, Hollywood

  • I can't stress enough how delighted we all are to be part of this amazing concept that has allowed us to flourish in So many ways! - Aida Castro, Faces By Aida, Pembroke Pines

  • Chase your dreams…your clients will follow. - Reason #1 for renting a suite with SALONZ

  • SALONZ empowers you to use your creative talents and keep 100% of your earnings. - Reason #2 for renting a suite with SALONZ

  • Don't let the fear factor stand in your way of controlling your destiny. - Reason #3 for renting a suite with SALONZ

  • At SALONZ you're independent...not alone. - Reason #4 for renting a suite with SALONZ

  • Salon suite rental is being celebrated as the future of the salon industry. - Reason #5 for renting a suite with SALONZ

Marketing Support

Literally overnight, your established clientele will allow you to experience a smooth transition from being a commissioned employee or chair renter.

Typically, the only up-front marketing cost necessary is to inform your clientele that you’ve moved, and SALONZ will support you during this transition and beyond. SALONZ will provide you with an initial supply of client postcards and referral cards, and an ongoing presence on the SALONZ website.

Marketing Services

  • Postcards

    These cards can be personalized by you and will be provided to you at no charge to let your clients know that you’ve moved.

  • Client Referral Cards

    Some suite renters market their services using direct mail, flyers, etc. Most however, use the power of their existing clients to gain access to new ones. Using these cards consistently will build your business through referrals, which is the strongest and most cost effective way.

  • Website

    Your complete contact and professional information will be featured on our website within the SALONZ Directory. You will have the ability to market yourself by adding our website address to your business card, brochures, etc.

  • Retailing Tips

    We will provide you wiht information on why and how to make th emost of your ability to sell professional salon products.

  • Marketing Inside SALONZ

    Your name, suite number and service category will be listed on the SALONZ lobby directory and next to your door for potential and exiting clients to easily locate you. You will also have the ability to place your brochures and business cards in the lobby for all SALONZ guests.

  • Networking

    You’ll be able to take advantage of the built-in networking that takes place in a suites environment among all of the health and beauty professionals that have their own established clienteles.

  • Coop Advertising

    As an independent business owner you have the ability to market your business as you wish, and as our commitment to your success is at the core of our concept, on occasion we participate with our tenants in their marketing efforts with direct mail, flyers, newspaper or magazine ads. This broadens your marketing and publicity opportunities. Here is an example of a promotion we helped sponsor for a group of our tenants at our Palm Beach Gardens, Florida location.