• I now have the kind of job I love to work at,
    and I love my own space.- Gavin, Legacy Place, Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

  • This opportunity has changed my life. I love coming to work knowing I'm responsible for me. - Melissa Georgianna, Who Did Your Nails?, Hollywood

  • I've been at Salonz since it opened in 2007. It's the best concept ever, period! Thanks SALONZ! - Marlia Zondervan, All About Me Salon, Palm Beach Gardens

  • I control my own prices, hours and services, and my clients have really come to enjoy the privacy. - Angela Tennell, Angela’s Hair & Skin Care, Palm Beach Gardens

  • SALONZ is a place you can make feel like home, with all the benefits of your own business. A dream come true! - Michelle Henry, Solange Hair Studio, Hollywood

  • The professional environment is upscale and I'm proud to introduce my space to my clients and new referrals. - Kelli Mirr, Licensed Massage Therapist, Hollywood

  • The turn-key concept keeps my life simple. I can do what I love and not spend energy on tedious business details. - Kelli Mirr, Licensed Massage Therapist, Hollywood

  • I can't stress enough how delighted we all are to be part of this amazing concept that has allowed us to flourish in So many ways! - Aida Castro, Faces By Aida, Pembroke Pines

  • Chase your dreams…your clients will follow. - Reason #1 for renting a suite with SALONZ

  • SALONZ empowers you to use your creative talents and keep 100% of your earnings. - Reason #2 for renting a suite with SALONZ

  • Don't let the fear factor stand in your way of controlling your destiny. - Reason #3 for renting a suite with SALONZ

  • At SALONZ you're independent...not alone. - Reason #4 for renting a suite with SALONZ

  • Salon suite rental is being celebrated as the future of the salon industry. - Reason #5 for renting a suite with SALONZ


Don’t let the ‘fear factor’ stand in your way of realizing your dreams.
Although the idea of going out on your own might bring feelings of anxiety, those feelings are normal and are usually overcome with the realization that there is very little to lose, and a whole lot to gain. Here’s the bottom line: the suite rental business is already thriving in cities across the country: Dallas, Houston, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles, Baltimore, St. Louis, Milwaukee, etc.

Salon suite rental has been identified as “the method by which most established pros will choose to operate” and thousands of beauty professionals are proof that renting a salon suite has changed their lives. Each one of them was in the same position that you are in now. Here are thoughts from a few suite renters who would “never go back” to working any other way:

Melissa Georgianna, Licensed Nail Technician
Who Did Your Nails?
Suites 13 & 14
Sheridan Plaza, Hollywood, FL

“As an employee for ten years in salons owned by others, I now have my very own place at SALONZ beauty suites. I couldn’t even imagine how this move would change my life. I knew that I wanted to make a change and wasn’t sure what that was, until I heard about suite renting. I knew that I didn’t want to change to just another salon. I was actually thinking about getting out of the business at the time because I was tired of all the B.S. that went on in your typical salons. I am so glad I went to check out this opportunity that has changed my life for the better. Don’t get me wrong, I was a nervous wreck before the actual move and still second guessing everything until the actual move…but I’ve never been happier.

“From the day my girlfriend Jane and I moved in, there hasn’t been one ounce of regret. I love coming to work knowing I am responsible for me. If there is anything I want done, I just do it with no complaints. Jane and I keep what we make every day and just split the bills at the end of the week. It works out great. I do better than I ever did as an employee on commission and I’m thrilled. As for the others who rent at SALONZ, it’s a pleasure to work with such uplifting, happy people who are feeling the same way we are. Thanks SALONZ, you made it happen!”

Marlia Zondervan
All About Me Salon
Suite 21 & 23
Legacy Place, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“I’ve been at Salonz Beauty Suites Palm Beach since opening; it is the best concept ever… period. I have worked in several different salons in the last 27 years and this is a win-win situation; not only for our wonderful landlords, but for salon owners too. Thanks Marc and Elena for the opportunity.”

Angela Tennell
Angela’s Hair & Skin Care, Inc.
Suite 19
Legacy Place, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Prior to coming over to Salonz Beauty Suites, the salon owner I worked for the past 15 years was retiring. I was offered the opportunity to purchase the business. Upon review of the books, I noticed I generated 82.5% of the gross revenue for the salon. I quickly realized I would be buying my own business and declined to advance my prior employer a golden parachute for her retirement. As I searched for another salon or location, my husband came across the Salonz Beauty Suites location about to open in Palm Beach Gardens. After crunching the numbers and really deciding what I wanted my business to look like, Salonz Beauty Suites was the best choice for me. I can control my own prices, hours, and services. Furthermore, I did not have the enormous upfront expenses to build out my salon. Each suite offers its own privacy, which my clients have really come to enjoy. If you are a salon professional with a good book of business then this is the place for you.”

Lara Sturgis
Lara’s Place of Shear Delight
Suite 10
Sheridan Plaza, Hollywood, FL

“I love everything about it.”

Michelle Henry
Solange Hair Studio
Suite 3
Sheridan Plaza, Hollywood, FL

“The suites are private and quaint…and the environment allows you to enjoy your neighbors without having to leave the premises. It’s a place that you can make feel like home. It has all the benefits of your own business without the headache…a professional’s dream come true!”

Kelli Mirr
Licensed Massage Therapist
Suite 6
Sheridan Plaza, Hollywood, FL

“I’ve been a tenant at Salonz Hollywood since May 2008. As a licensed massage therapist for over 10 years, I’ve had a lot of options as to how I run my business. Eventually I decided to value my own time and energy by creating a space for my clients to come to me. Learning about Salonz came following my desire for a new and different market and environment…and I’m loving the experience.

The professional environment is definitely upscale and I feel proud to introduce my new space to my already existing clientele as well as new referrals. The other tenants are a pleasure to work with and I’ve enjoyed building professional and personal relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs who, like me, take pride in what they do. Most importantly though, the turn-key operation you’ve created for us keeps my life simple…allowing me to do what I love and what I’m paid for, without having to spend a lot of time and energy thinking about the tedious business details. I thank you for creating the space where I can grow and prosper, and come and go as I please….”

What Professionals across the country are saying:

From behindthechair.com:


Sydney Suzanne was a salon owner for 30 years, but since leaving her former life behind to rent a suite from SALON SUITES in Akron, Ohio, she says she couldn’t be happier.

“I always worked extra hard to pay the overhead of running a salon. Now, I get to keep 90% of my earnings (after paying for product, insurance, etc.) and I have more money than I’ve ever had. This is because there are generous tax write-offs for the self-employed.”

Suzanne appreciates working in a suites environment because it offers privacy and the ability to visit with her clients in a peaceful atmosphere. She says she has fewer stresses now that she’s on her own and that she is working only 40 hours a week for the first time in her life.

From Modern Salon Magazine, Feb, 2002:

“I owned a salon for four years, but it took time away from raising two teenagers and I had problems with the landlord,” says Rosemine D. of Rosemine’s Hair Studio (a salon suite) in The Woodlands, Texas. “Now I write my own ticket. I work 35 to 40 hours a week, which is half what I put in working behind the chair while managing the salon I owned. I just built a house on a two-acre lot. Everyone who once worked at my salon became a renter and all are doing well.”

From Modern Salon Magazine, Sept, 2001

Shannon Hoffart of Shannon’s Hair Designs in Conroe, Texas, says that after 13 years, she became an ‘indie’ because she wasn’t offered enough in return for what salon owner’s expected.

“I worked from 9 to 7 and made less money. Owners told me the customers were theirs, but the chair didn’t do their hair, I did. Now, I can give my clients extra personal care, and they say they prefer my private room situation.”

From Salon City Spin, Ohio

Robert Costa, 30-year hairdresser and owner of SALON SUITES in Cleveland, Ohio, on explaining his business:

“”The idea of giving individual beauty professionals their own salon within a salon was born out of a concern of where our craft was headed. We all know that hairdressers want a higher percentage of income, but there is a point where the owner must stop and cannot go further. So what is everyone to do? They can raise prices only so far before they hit a ceiling. One third of our renters are ex-shop owners that have had enough, another third are successful hairdressers that were working to capacity and the final third is a mixture of the profession. The bottom line to SALON SUITES is the upgrading of the beauty profession, helping people get into business for themselves and giving them a furnished salon that can be run the way they want it to be. The American Dream is alive with our people. I think we are doing it properly.”

From Aida: Castro, Faces By Aida, Pembroke Pines