• "This place is sooo cool! I've never seen so many ways to get pampered under one roof! Seriously it was so convenient" -JODY L, FLAGLER PARK PLAZA, MIAMI, FL

  • "We offer you what no other salon is able to offer... the most personalized salon experience you can receive, in either a private or social setting….your choice." - Salonz Beauty Suites

  • "I'm so glad I found this awesome place. Monica did a super job on my lashes. Salonz houses multiple professionals in their own private suites. It was great to have her undivided attention!" -Faby P., Miami, FL

Choosing A Salonz Pro

We recommend asking questions before choosing a new health or beauty professional. Here are some that might apply:

1How long has the SALONZ pro been a stylist, nail tech, etc.?

2What services and/or products does the pro offer?

3Whether the pro knows how to work with your type of hair, or can create the style you want for your nails, etc.

4Whether the pro works with children

5Whether free initial consultations are offered

6How much the services will cost

7The hours the salon is open

8Whether appointments are required (are walk-ins accepted?)

9Whether checks and/or credit cards are accepted

10Whether the pro offers stylebooks (if not, bring in a few pictures magazines)

Since every great service starts with a conversation, discuss these topics with your health or beauty pro, depending on the service you are seeking.